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Hello, I am April, a Spiritual Counsellor and an Emotional and Physical Healer. I am also a Mum and have worked in healthcare for over 30 years.

Life events, a curiosity of the mind, body, wellness/illness continuum, where emotional issues are often the source of illness and pain, and feeling stuck, anxious, experiencing loss and grief, caused me to delve deeper into healing systems.

I am passionate about empowering individuals to overcome emotional and physical issues and difficulties that occur in daily life. To move from feeling stuck, anxious, in loss and grief to understanding themselves, the origins of their issues, and the actions to take to move forward and make change. I have found spiritual counselling and healing to be powerful. Whilst these are supportive and gentle modalities, they provide an honest and sincere approach to help people learn and move forward in their life.


I have a Diploma in Spiritual Counselling, and I am trained Practitioner accredited in Hahnemann Healing and Concomitant Healing through the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning,


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