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Emotional & Physical Healing

Spiritual Counselling

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Concomitant Healing


Ancient Egyptian Physical Healing 


Concomitant Healing deals with healing the physical body from physical problems and pain, caused by the storage of emotional issues or physical problems that affect the flow of energy from the nervous system. 

 Release Pain - Flourish 

Spiritual Counselling


Know What To Do for Inner Peace 

Spiritual Counselling is non secular and assists individuals to identify the real cause of issues in their life, where

issues began and why these issues

are affecting their life, and to establish positive changes and a way of moving forward with flourish and purpose.

Freedom - Change - Flourish

Hahnemann Healing

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Ancient Egyptian Emotional Healing

Hahnemann Healing is a gentle, relaxing, yet powerful form of emotional healing. Hahnemann Healing deals with releasing unresolved emotions, which often lie behind illness. 

Relax - Release - Flourish 

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M: 0400 288 209

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